Best Pizza Upper West Side

If you happen to be on the upper west side of Manhattan one day, whether you work in the city or you’re a tourist enjoying the riches of the Natural History Museum, watching a performance at the Lincoln Center, or taking a stroll through Central Park then you’ll need to be aware that this area of Manhattan offers some of the best pizza in the city. 

Whether you’re looking for a dollar slice to go or looking to sit down to enjoy an entire pizza in a traditional restaurant, the upper west side, nestled between the Hudson River on the west and Central Park to the east has an abundance of delights to choose from all situated within 5km. 

Mama’s TOO!

If you find yourself on Broadway, we’d recommend heading to Mama’s TOO! to grab a slice of their infamous pizza as you’ll have trouble finding a table within their tiny pizzeria, especially on weekends. If you live in the area, then you’ll be glad to know you can also order for pick up to avoid disappointment, but on Saturday nights you’ll want to put your order in early as it can take up to 2 hours before it’s ready for pick up.

Mama’s offers some unique Neapolitan pie fillings on their crisp and rustic pizza bases that have left customers returning again and again for more. We’d recommend our favorite Angry Nonna, an exquisite combination of both sweet and spicy toppings with aged mozzarella. 


A short walk up West 85th street from Central Park and a left turn will find you shortly arriving at Motorino on Columbus Avenue, a Neapolitan pizzeria that also serves salad and wine for delivery, dine-in or curbside pick up. 

The weekday lunch specials are not one to miss out on as they serve up a mixed green salad and a pizza of your choice from the menu for just over $16 and you can even get a glass of house wine for $6 instead of the usual $10.

Despite being known for their flavorful creations, Motorino also offers a mouthwatering homemade tiramisu which will have you wishing you saved your appetites so you could enjoy a second helping.

Marinara Pizza Upper West

Many upper west siders will vouch that Marinara provides some of the best pizza in the city, but that is still to be debated considering the endless choices for pizza dining across the boroughs. 

There is inside and outside seating available as well as being accessible on food apps and phone orders for collection, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to try out some of their delights.

The M.V.P and Grandma square pizzas are some cult favorites with customers but we highly recommend grabbing a few different slices so you find your favorite for next time. 

Osteria Cotta

If you’re looking for a cozy venue for your next date night or even just an evening out with friends then you’ll need to check out Osteria Cotta, the rustic Italian eatery on the UWS. They serve up small plates, some delicious pizza and also have a wine bar if you’re looking to extend your dinner as long as possible.

Osteria is a popular hub on weekends, so it’s recommended to make a reservation and grab yourself a space inside or outside to enjoy some of their commendable picks. 

The pizza menu is small but delectable and we’d suggest opting for the Tartufo pizza that incorporates truffle and smoked prosciutto. 

Sal and Carmine’s

Sal and his family have been serving up some of the best pizza on the UWS since 1959 after immigrating from Italy just 2 years previous. Originally Sal and his brother Carmine only served pizza to their customers for over 12 hours a day and nowadays you’ll still find a small collection of their fine-tuned pizzas on offer. 

For the true experience, walk in and order or order over the phone for pick up to receive some authentic Italian hospitality and we guarantee this will become one of your favorite go-to’s for a slice. 

Made In New York Pizza

If you’ve been enjoying a night out on the Upper West Side, then you’ll want to hit up Made In New York Pizza on your way home as they’re open until 1 am. There are plenty of seats inside to sit with friends when enjoying a drunken slice or you can choose to order for delivery when you get home. 

Their menu boasts some classics such as pepperoni and fresh Margherita that are served on a thin base and have a spectacular crispy crust. They even serve up some additional Italian treats such as a caesar salad or some doughy garlic knots if you’ve got room for more. 

Patsy’s Pizzeria

This is probably one of the most famous pizzerias on the Upper West Side if not the entirety of the city has been serving New Yorkers and tourists some of the most oven-baked pizzas since the early 1930s.

Their family-style restaurant offers dine-in, take out and delivery services and they have a versatile menu to choose from, including soups, homemade desserts, rich pasta dishes as well as their infamous pizza. 

Patsy’s is one of the best Italians around if you’re looking for that true Italian experience with truly faultless staff who offer amazing service with a genuine smile. 

Freddie & Pepper’s

Freddie & Pepper’s opened up on Amsterdam Avenue back in the 70s and has been a popular establishment with upper west siders ever since. The restaurant is known for its retro interior and great services which has attracted some famous faces, which you’ll be able to see pictured on the walls inside from your seat.

Their pizza menu is generous and will have some for every person’s taste buds, from chicken fajita jalapeno to a classic Italian Margherita and cooked on a crispy base.

Make sure to leave some room for cannolis if you’re dining as you won’t want to miss out. 

La Traviata Pizzeria

Just a 3-minute walk from the American Folk Art Museum is the small counter-service pizza place La Traviata Pizzeria. We don’t know how, but the small space manages to serve up an endless display of menu choices from salads, pasta, rolls, calzones, and fresh-baked pizzas.

You can even order catering-sized dishes online to feed your dinner party and there’s also free delivery or you can run in if you manage to grab a rare parking spot on the street. 

The baked Ziti pizza is truly something special, but if your taste is a little bit more flamboyant then you’ll love browsing through the long list of the never-ending menu options.

Pizza Collective

If you’re after a more ambient, elegant but still casual place to go to get some really good pizza but you’re not after a grab-and-go slice, then hit up Pizza Collective on Broadway. All ingredients are fresh and of great quality, as you’ll be able to taste with every mouthful of whatever you should pick from the carefully selected menu.

Owners and management take pride in what they do and are highly attentive with customers to ensure they have the best experience possible regardless of being regulars or first-timers. 

You can choose to eat in then you’ll be able to enjoy your gourmet pizza whilst watching master chef Gabriele Voci through the windows whilst he makes up his masterpieces. 

The Pizza Collective also caters to vegans and offers some of the best dairy-free and meat-free pizzas around.

Cafe Viva Gourmet Pizza

Cafe Viva Gourmet Pizza on Broadway serves up some amazing pizzas that are suited for any customer with any dietary requirement and makes its name on Broadway for being an establishment that prides itself on healthy options that don’t leave you feeling guilty for indulging. 

The entire menu at Cafe Viva is completely vegetarian, but that doesn’t mean you’ll just be served up a whole load of greens and veggies, as they supply soy meat alternatives and dairy-free cheeses that still boast a ton of flavor due to the team’s unique way of preparing and baking their pizzas.

They even offer some bomb vegan desserts for you to squeeze in after tucking into a slice including blueberry cheesecake, death by chocolate, and scrummy peanut butter bomb.

You can choose to eat in or order online if you’re hoping to not leave your couch with just a minimum order of $10 to make and it’ll be right at your front door within less than 40 minutes. 

Pie Pie Pizza

Pie Pie Pizza has been making quality pizzas on Columbus Avenue for over 20 years but has only called their little area on the UWS home since 2011. They serve authentic style pizzas such as Pepperoni and Margarita but also make up some modern faves such as Buffalo Chicken and Hawaiin which are some real crowd-pleasers. 

Pie Pie Pizza has a loyalty program available where you’ll get a free large pizza on your 7th order as long as you’ve made the minimum order on your previous 6 orders from them. 

You can’t go wrong with their Pie Pie Original made up of Wisconsin mozzarella as well as local mozzarella and freshly made tomato Italian sauce. 

If it’s your first time at Pie Pie Pizza, they’ll gladly give you 25% off your order online and returning customers can also grab $5 off when they spend $30 or more online.

Saba’s Pizza

Saba’s has two locations in Manhattan, one of the Upper East Side but also their most popular restaurant on Amsterdam Avenue on UWS. 

All food at Saba’s is certified by Kosher and has strict supervision by rabbi Aaron D. Mehlman is a cult favorite with those of the Jewish community within the area and nearby districts.

There is a small seating area out the front which can get quickly crowded during peak hours in the middle of the day and evening, however, you can order to take out with you whilst you continue through UWS or order online for delivery or pick up.

The EggPlant Parm continues to be a favorite of ours no matter how many times we visit, but the long list of Sicilian, Round, Square, or Bar pizza will have you stuck for choice when you swing by.


Celeste is a traditional Neapolitan trattoria and pizzeria that is a firm favorite in the neighborhood. You can choose to dine in their family-style restaurant or order online to enjoy authentic Italian food within your living room.

Ingredients sourced from local farmers’ markets help bring you fresh and quality dishes served up by their finest chefs and staff. 

You’ll never have a bad plate at Celeste and even if you’re not happy with a particular dish, the staff will do everything in their power to resolve any issues. 

Our advice? Go for the Quattro Stagioni to get both your meat and veggie fix on a rich tomato base and pair it with a glass of red.


Last up on our recommendations of best places to grab a pizza on the Upper West Side is Bellini on Columbus Avenue that provides a family-friendly atmosphere whilst transporting you to their homeland of Italy. 

Their menu is a bit finer and pricier than what you’d find at most other pizzerias on this avenue, but pizza prices are pretty competitive and service is flawless, so you do get what you pay for. 

To make the most of your experience, we recommend ordering an accumulation of dishes to share amongst your table so no one gets food envy. 

Bellini is a top choice if you’re looking to show friends or guests in town what New York has to offer in terms of authentic Italian cuisine. They do offer delivery and takeout directly through calling the restaurant, but we think their food is best enjoyed in their ambient restaurant.