About Us

Hi, my name is Andrew, and I’m the Lead Contributor here at Eat Feast NYC. 

One of my biggest passions in life is competitive eating. The photo above was taken a few years ago at the San Gennaro Meatball eating competition. I’m the guy in red, and as you can see, I was over the moon to be competing.  

Competitive eating is great fun, and I love the race against the clock, and attempting to beat my own personal records. I was inspired to start competitive eating by the likes of Matt Stonie and the fantastic Joey Chestnut, and I have not looked back since. 

It is something I train for and take seriously. While some people assume that it is easy, it requires a certain level of skill and willpower. It is not only your stomach you have to train, but also your mind too. Having the correct mindset going into a competition is crucial. 

In general, I would describe myself as a pizza connoisseur. Until the age of 15, I shamelessly ate nothing but pizza. Over the years, I have tried every pizza topping imaginable, but my favorite is definitely a classic pepperoni. While I still love pizza, competitive eating has encouraged me to expand my horizons and try out new types of food. 

If you are looking to expand your taste buds, there is no better place to do this than New York City. There are so many different food options to explore, and you really are spoiled for choice. 

I decided to become the Lead Contributor for Eat Feast NYC to share my love and passion for food with others. I hope that through my articles, other people will find their new favorite spot to dine at in NYC.