The Best Coffee in Brooklyn

It goes without saying, that there is no shortage of cozy coffee spot in Brooklyn. Whether you’re looking for your morning cappuccino or an evening mocha, there’s always a variety coffee roaster shop that will greet you with open arms. But, there’s a selection of coffee shops that have expertly crafted coffee, award-winning brews, and outstanding service. These coffee shops take the experience of sipping your coffee to the next level, and will certainly become a favorite of yours. 

We’ve finely selected the very best coffee in Brooklyn so that you can indulge yourself in the most exclusive, and expertly crafted coffee shop’s outdoor seating.


First on our wonderful list of the best coffee in Brooklyn, is Devoción. 

If you’re looking for the freshest coffee in Brooklyn, and the whole of New York, check out this joint. 

Devoción offers a beautiful space to enjoy your coffee an outdoor space, so beautiful you might just want to stick around and hang out for a bit.

Devoción is owned and operated by Colombian-born Steven Sutton. In 2006, Sutton made it his mission to change the game of coffee brewing, by producing the freshest coffee imaginable. Sutton knew two things. The first is that most coffee beans sit around for months, before being used. Secondly, that roasting only provides half of the flavor in coffee — the latter half, is down to the freshness of the beans. 

Knowing this, Sutton opened Devoción. They buy their coffee direct from their partners, dry-mill at their facility in Bogotá, and quickly ship the beans to Brooklyn. Once in Brooklyn, they’re roasted for your pleasure. All of this takes between 10-45 days, a phenomenally speedy process, making the coffee taste otherworldly. To highlight how impressive Devoción’s business method is, it takes most coffee companies an average of 150-450 days, from harvesting the bean, to prepare your cup of coffee. Devoción moves fast. 

If you have any queries about their ethics, don’t fret. Devoción ensures sustainability, ethical partnerships, and fair-trade wage for its suppliers. That way, everyone is getting a good cup. 

If you’re thinking about getting your cup, we recommend the Wild Forest blend. It has delicious notes of wild berries, cherry, andean blueberry, cocoa butter, and caramel. 

That’s some good coffee. 

Brooklyn Roasting Company

Next on our list, is Brooklyn Roasting Company. 

Founded by Jim Munson in 2009, the company had an honest goal: “To provide NYC with the best quality, sustainably-sourced coffees presented to consumers unpretentiously.”

That’s exactly what Brooklyn Roasting Company has managed to do. They’re renowned for their superb quality, served without a pretentious flair. It’s proper good coffee, served by proper good people. 

Integral to their company is their commitment to Fair Trade purchasing standards. You can find beans from Guatemala, Ethiopia, Colombia, Peru — all of which are organic and Rainforest Alliance-approved. They’re move makers in the artisan coffee industry, and their commitment to quality, ethically sourced beans gets a big thumbs up from us. 

Tous Les Jours

Next on our list is, Tous Les Jours. 

Specializing in French-Asian-inspired baked goods, coffee, and beverages — Tous Les Jours is the place to go if you’re looking for a quirky coffee and a delicious, fresh pastry. 

All of their delicious coffees and beverages are handcrafted, and they sell over 300 kinds of baked goods, including artisan pastries and gourmet cakes. Tour Les Jours carefully sources selected ingredients, as a quality promise to their customers, to ensure freshness and caliber. They value innovation in their products and are making waves with some interesting coffee combinations. 

We particularly enjoyed the Iced Tiramisu Latte and the Lavender Latte. If you prefer more traditional flavors, they also serve ordinary Lattes and Americano. If you’re looking for a tasty snack on the side, the Purple Sweet Potato Loaf is phenomenal. They also serve an exquisite Mont Blanc Pastry. 

Hungry Ghost Coffee

Next on our list, is Hungry Ghost Coffee.

Founded by Murat Uyaroglu in 2012, Hungry Ghost Coffee has made it their goal to serve the highest quality coffee and food items. They also pride themselves on creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere, where fellow coffee drinkers can chat amongst themselves, in a beautiful environment. They’re a proud local spot for their community, and wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Not only that, but they serve some of the best drip coffee in town, but if you prefer café au lait, they also serve that. Hungry Ghost Coffee makes some killer cold brew nitro, so you have a fantastic range to choose from. 

By the way, Hungry Ghost Coffee is partnered with Stumptown Coffee, so you can rest assured that you’re getting quality beans. You can even purchase a bag to take home with you.

As a proud member of their community, they also partner with other local businesses, such as Ovenly and BKLYN Larder. What’s great about this company, is you can sense its passion for the neighborhood. 


Next up on our list, is Freehold. 

Opening in 2015, Freehold coffee is a renowned, award-winning coffee shop, featuring a lobby bar and expansive outdoor courtyard for some airy space. Back in 2016, Lyft named Freehold as the #1 place for late-night restaurants, in the whole of New York.

How has a humble coffee shop managed such a reign? Freehold seamlessly transitions from the business-casual day culture to an esteemed party scene after dark. It’s truly a revolutionary staple in what a coffee shop could, and can be. 

So, what’s on the menu? 

You can get some iconic Stumptown coffee, a community favorite. We had a good old-fashioned cappuccino, and it was a delight. One note to add is that if you’re looking for a venue with impeccable face-to-face service, it’s slightly different here.

The service is still excellent, but it’s all ordered through the app, so you’re missing out on typical coffee house interaction. But hey, for some people, that’s a plus, right? If you’re also in the mood for some brunch, these guys are great. They serve some Thick-Cut French Toast that’ll knock you into a delicious daydream.

Café Grumpy

Next on our list, is Café Grumpy. 

Notably, this business is certified as a Woman-Owned Business Enterprise by NYC, so if you’re looking to support your fellow sisters, go grab a cup of coffee. 

It’s also an independently owned and managed company. Café Grumpy was founded in 2005, and their goal is to serve great-tasting, specialty coffee to all New Yorkers — no matter how grumpy they are. Their coffee is so good, that you might even leave with an upside-down frown. 

If you’ve ever watched the television series, Girls, then Café Grumpy might look a little familiar. It was a frequent filming location, especially in the earlier series. It’s understandable why this establishment was a firm favorite. Sweet, cozy — and yet an urban dream, it’s the perfect place to sit and enjoy some coffee. 

With that said, their television fame isn’t the reason why we love this café. 

While they serve and sell a variety of coffee, their Women’s Producers Coffee is an excellent initiative. For example, if you purchase the Shamba variety, it’s derived from Burundi.

Under the direction of Angèle Ciza, this variety is grown on Kirundo’s surrounding hills. By purchasing this variety, you’re supporting a woman who is producing specialty coffee in her home country, who tirelessly works to make a difference in her community. 

What’s more, is that you can purchase the ‘Women’s Producers Coffee Trio’, which is a variety of coffee from three different producers, which are all women. 

We’re all fed up with white feminism, and this is an excellent representation of intersectional feminism. Women helping women is always a massive thumbs up from us. 

Furthermore, their coffee beans are sourced and roasted in-house, and they pride themselves on strong relationships with all their producing partners. They believe in mutual respect, and so hold themselves up to ethical standards. Café Grumpy values social responsibility, sustainability, and making their community a better place. It’s a fantastic company, found in eleven locations, including Brooklyn. 

Partners Coffee

Next on our list, is Partners Coffee. 

Now, you’ve probably heard of this one. Partners Coffee is a very popular establishment, and for all the right reasons. They produce excellent coffee, and they’re founded on fantastic ethics. It would be wrong of us to not include this goldmine. 

Although the majority of companies in our selection prioritize ethical sourcing, Partners Coffee is one of the best for their ethics. They source their coffee from all over the globe, and implement a sustainable supply chain, ensuring that all of their growing partners have financial security.

From their ethical business methods, Partners Coffee has helped their growing partners invest in their local communities. It provides a stable income for producers and has allowed communities to upgrade their local schools and various community products, which will benefit people for generations to come. 

Green Coffee Buyer, Jonathan Withers, travels for three months a year to the various regions to build strong relationships, and to also develop a diverse, seasonal menu. This means all the coffee at Partners Coffee has a fantastic range of flavor profiles, as it encompasses truly global coffee. 

It’s easy, in our privileged modern world, to forget that our produce comes from ‘somewhere’. Partners Coffee is transparent with the ‘somewhere’ and allows us to see the supply chain and the positive effect that they are having on the world. 

This is so crucial, because it’s not just about good coffee, it’s about good coffee which, is good for everyone involved. 

Pueblo Querido Coffee Roasters Cafe de Colombia

Next on our list, is Pueblo Querido Coffee Roasters Cafe de Colombia. 

If you’ve gathered anything about our list so far, it’s that we truly value ethical coffee. Pueblo Querido is a family-run business, who is from Calarca, Colombia (one of the main coffee regions). They migrated from Colombia in search of better opportunities and birthed Pueblo Querido, a business they love with their heart and soul. 

Their mission is simple, to give the finest fresh coffee with unique features, and to share the coffee culture, raising awareness from its origins. Their coffee is traceable and fair-trade, and they take pride in knowing that their high-quality beans, come from their respected partners.

Some of their unique flavor profiles are derived from special treatment in the harvest process, and the drying process. While this is done at small farms, the farmers receive a premium price in return for their excellent work.

Pueblo Queridou’s Colombian beans, Campesino, are a firm favorite with us. It’s balanced with a full body, with notes of almond, baked apple, and maple. Given there they’re a specialty coffee shop, you won’t be surprised that they have a great range of grind methods. Whether you’re wanting drip, French press, Turkish, or pour-over, they’ve got you covered. 

Having a cup of coffee in this café is a whole experience. The interior is wonderful, full of vibrant colors and gorgeous artwork. It celebrates Latin America and shows pride in its business. 

If you want a unique coffee experience, where you can taste specialty coffee with depths of flavors and aromas, check out Pueblo Querido. 

Rose Wolf Coffee

Last on our wonderful list of the best coffee shops in New York City, is Rose Wolf Coffee. 

This coffee shop is a great place to hang out, and drink a cup of Joe. It’s cozy, fun, and not pretentious. While we wouldn’t class it as a specialty coffee house, nor an artisan coffee house, it’s still a really lovely coffee shop. 

Rose Wolf Coffee is dedicated to the quality of its products, and commitment to ensuring every cup of coffee is its best. They have a delightful seating area, which unlike a lot of coffee shops, is rather spacious. There’s also free Wi-Fi, lots of outlets to charge your phone, and always some music playing softly in the background. 

Now, these guys have a great selection of coffee. We particularly enjoyed their macchiato and their nitro cold brew. What really makes this place great, though, is their signature drinks.

-They have a drink called ‘F*ck Trump’, which contains espresso, tonic soda, and orange zest. There’s also one called ‘Witch’s Brew’. That contains cold brew, caramel, maple, cinnamon, and oat milk. 

Another notable aspect of Rose Wolf Coffee is that its food is excellent. Whether you’re looking for sweet, savory — or even gluten-free, they’ll be a yummy bite for you to pair with your cup of coffee. 

Whether you’re looking to meet up with friends, or you’re looking for a spot to work, Rose Wolf Coffee is a great spot. 


Well, folks, that brings us to the end of our selection of the best coffee in New York City. We’ve brought to you a range of fantastic coffee houses, all with great ethics and fantastic brews. 

Be sure to pop on down to one, or all, of these venues and grab a cup of coffee. After all, you deserve it. 

In conclusion, if you are a coffee lover and you are in the Brooklyn area, be sure to check out some of these great coffee shops! You won’t be disappointed. And don’t forget to support your local small businesses!