Best Tacos in Brooklyn

Brooklyn, one of the famous five boroughs of New York City is, naturally, a hive of diverse cultures and personalities. This means that there is never a lack of great places to eat, serving a wide range of foods from all across the World.

However, with such a massive range of choices, it would be very easy to find yourself getting overwhelmed! Some days you may be in the mood for some simple and classic tacos, a worldwide favorite of Mexican delicacy. But how are you meant to find the best tacos in the area, when there’s so much potential choice?

Many apps and services are available to find the best eateries in the Brooklyn area, but even these services can become overwhelming. By the time you get to finding a restaurant, you’ll most likely be starving, and may find that you’ve missed out on a wonderful culinary experience.

With over 20 Mexican restaurants, a delicious taco is never too far away in Brooklyn, New York.

To help you satisfy your rumbling stomach, we’ve put together this handy list of some of the absolute best places in Brooklyn to find tacos. Read on below to find out where to find the best, authentic, tacos that Brooklyn has to offer!

Peter’s Crunchy Red Tacos

Priding itself on offering the “Best Birria in town”, Peter’s Crunchy Red Tacos operates from a small food truck. This truck sets itself up across New York City, especially the Brooklyn area, along Jefferson Street. This truck draws in crowds of hungry customers no matter where it goes, thanks to its social media fame. With thousands of followers across multiple social media platforms, it’s clear to see that Peter’s Crunchy Red Tacos has earned its strong reputation. 

Peter’s Crunchy Red Tacos are famous for their namesake, crunchy tacos with a distinct red color, which is carefully achieved by dipping the tacos in a rich stock before frying. This creates a fiery red look which is also complemented by a strong and intense flavor.

Peter’s Crunchy Red Tacos were at the forefront of the Birria craze which swept across the United States. Birria is a popular Mexican stew, cooked over a long period of time, with meat and numerous spices and herbs. This process leaves meat incredibly tender and flavorsome. Peter’s Crunchy Red Tacos serves these juicy and tender cuts of meat within their tacos, which create a mind-blowing and deeply satisfying culinary experience.

Peter’s Crunchy Red Tacos are always looking to innovate the food they serve, to bring the vibrant and exciting flavors of Mexican food to the streets of Brooklyn, which makes it an awesome and exciting place to eat, especially with a group of friends! 

Santa Ana Deli

Within a quaint but eclectic grocery store, stocked to the brim with various Mexican delicacies and ingredients is the Santa Ana Deli.

Located in Bushwick, one of the highest populated Hispanic-American communities in Brooklyn, you can be sure that you’re getting the authentic experience here. Santa Ana Deli has earned itself a healthy reputation as an authentic eatery, within the heart of a friendly and diverse community.

Santa Ana Deli boasts a massive selection of tacos and other products across its over-the-counter menu. Every time you visit, you can try something new, or revisit old favorites, such as the Chorizo tacos, or the popular Barbacoa tacos. And to sweeten the deal, you can enjoy your meal within the quaint surroundings of the deli, with indoor seating available.

Santa Ana Deli is populated by friendly and knowledgeable staff and dedicated chefs, who know how to bring out the absolute best flavors from their various ingredients. If you want a taste of authentic tacos, look no further.

Antojitos Del Patron Mexican Snacks

Antojitos Del Patron is based within close proximity to the famous Prospect Park, just along Lincoln Road. This allows for some amazing views, and quiet and serene surroundings while you chow down on some authentic and exciting food. 

Based inside of a stylish and modern building, decorated both outside and inside, Antojitos Del Patron has a distinct homely, eclectic, and unique aesthetic. The restaurant boasts a lively and eye-catching entrance, from which you can smell all kinds of wonderful things that await you inside. Antojitos Del Patron has even become quite famous for its beautiful and well-decorated bathroom!

Antojitos is the Spanish word for ‘Snack’, and the restaurant’s various menu items reflect this. Antojitos Del Patron is dedicated to delivering numerous foods of various types, to satisfy all kinds of hunger. Antojitos Del Patron could well become your go-to restaurant for feeding all manner of cravings!

Ricos Tacos

Ricos Tacos has a classic and nostalgic feel from its interior design, to its massive selection of Mexican favorites. Even their menus are designed to evoke a homely and nostalgic feeling, featuring a lime-green color scheme which is also present throughout the location, including its front entrance. This makes the restaurant impossible to miss when walking down 505 51st street. 

This ‘impossible-to-miss’ look also extends to their wonderful menu options, such as an extensive selection of tacos with numerous flavors, such as spicy pork, beef tongue, and grilled chicken! Ricos Tacos features long-time favorites and modern twists on Mexican flavors, making it an exciting place to visit, every time you do!

Ricos Tacos also offer low prices for high-quality food, so you can save some money without sacrificing on flavorsome and authentic Mexican cooking.

El Ranchito Poblano

El Ranchito Poblano is situated within the heart of Brooklyn, on Flatbush Avenue, an area widely populated with Caribbean restaurants. This makes it perfect for a quick fix of Mexican flavor if you find yourself close to the area.

El Ranchito Poblano offers a wide and diverse menu, which is flexible to a large variety of dietary needs. El Ranchito offers vegan and vegetarian options alongside their standard options. El Ranchito also serves a variety of smoothies, juices, and protein shakes, perfect for anyone who wants a sweet hit along with their meal.

El Ranchito specializes in offering a dependable and simple experience. El Ranchito has classic menu items, a wide selection of accompanying drinks, and chefs that know how to draw the best flavors from their ingredients.

Tacos Lupita

Tacos Lupita offers a wide range of tacos with numerous available fillings that each offer a different delight for your tastebuds. Flavors include pig ear, pig stomach, and beef tongue, amongst many others. Tacos Lupitas is an easy and exciting way to explore the wonders of Mexican cuisine, with its wide array of ingredients and products. 

Tacos Lupitas is based within a small food truck, but its initial looks can be deceiving, as this small truck offers mountains of choice, across numerous foods, drinks, and extras. 

The food truck is easy to access, located along 65th street, in an area that isn’t usually known for its exciting food options. Despite this, Tacos Lupitas continues to be an immensely popular eatery, thanks to its authentic flavors. The exciting and spontaneous nature of food trucks also makes it an interesting eatery to visit with friends, to try something new, and make a few memories.

Whenever we eat here, we order their tacos stuffed to the gills, huaraches, and enchiladas, or even a big plate of pork chops with rice and beans.

El Jarochito

Adorned with the image of popular Looney Tunes character Speedy Gonzalez, El Jarochito is a combination deli and grocery store. This store focuses on bringing the best of Mexican food to New York locals, with extensive items to be found across the store, and a wide menu of foods that are prepared on-site, to be eaten inside. 

Quite in line with the character of Speedy Gonzalez, El Jarochito has earned a reputation for providing quick and efficient service that is also high on quality. In-store chefs and staff are friendly and talkative, which creates a warm and welcoming environment in which to enjoy your meal. 

El Jarochito offers a range of classic Mexican delicacies, including tacos, with a wide range of fillings, so you can satisfy whatever craving you might be having that day. As well as this, El Jarochito also has a popular and exciting bakery section, which has a range of sweet treats just waiting to be taken home and indulged in. 

El Jarochito could easily be your one-stop-shop for Mexican flavors, thanks to its on-site eatery, grocery store, and dedicated bakery.

Taqueria Al Pastor

Taqueria Al Pastor is perhaps the most modern addition to this list! The store was opened early in 2020 and boasts a colorful, modern, and eclectic interior design aesthetic. Visiting this restaurant is a treat in itself, with a reception area adorned with colored tiles that create a kaleidoscope of color.

Ordering is simple, with clear menus that also feature a wide range of delicacies, including, of course, tacos. You can order your food over the counter, which features an uninterrupted view into the kitchen, so you can watch as your mouth-watering meal is prepared before your very eyes. You’ll hardly be able to keep from salivating!

Taqueria Al Pastor prides itself on its quick and efficient service, so you can get your taco fix hassle-free, and continue with your day. This is aided by its wonderful location, within Bushwick, a popular and metropolitan area of Brooklyn.

Taqueria Al Pastor also features a specialist menu of tacos, including Tacos de Nopal, Tacos de Carne Asada, and Al Pastor Taco, which features unique flavors of pineapple, cilantro, and salsa, to create a flavor explosion in your mouth.

Taqueria Tepango

Taqueria Tepango has a massive range of tacos perfect for satisfying your unique cravings. This restaurant features tacos filled with various meats, flavored with intense spices and herbs, all available in the classic soft tacos that we all know and love. 

However, as well as the classic soft tacos, Taqueria Tepango also boasts a selection of hard tacos, which can offer a satisfying crunch, or even tacos placeros; gargantuan super-tacos filled to the brim with ingredients. These tacos are then drenched in a golden layer of melted cheese, to compliment the flavor explosion that awaits beneath.

Taqueria Tepango can cater to a wide array of appetites, whether you want a light snack of a few tacos, or you have an intense hunger that only a tacos placeros could satisfy! Taqueria Tepango also offers flexible delivery and takeout options, so you can rest assured that no matter when hunger strikes, you can receive delicious food wherever you are.

Despite its modern and exciting offerings and design, Taqueria Tepango is dedicated to delivering satisfying food that is inexpensive and easy to purchase, but still full of that authentic taste that only the best restaurants can deliver.

Tacos El Bronco Restaurant

Tacos El Bronco Restaurant has the utmost confidence in the foods they offer, hence why they have their own dedicated food trucks, which can often be spotted at 37th and 5th avenue! 

Tacos El Bronco’s main restaurant location is based on 4th Avenue, with a spacious and vibrant store that provides an excellent place to unwind and enjoy your meal. El Bronco’s extensive menu offers just about every Mexican favorite you could want, from burritos to tacos. El Bronco tacos are filled to the brim with flavorsome ingredients, in easily maneuverable shells, which make them far easier to eat on the go, or even in your car. 

A particular favorite item of Brooklyn locals is the Al Pastor taco, which features luscious cuts of pork, alongside grilled pineapple, all drenched in green sauce. El Bronco tacos come in both large and small sizes, which makes them a perfect choice for both voracious appetites, and those wanting a quick and satisfying snack.

Final Thoughts

Being one of the five boroughs of New York City, it’s no surprise that Brooklyn has a whole host of wonderful Mexican eateries with some of the best tacos around. Whether you’re looking to try something new or enjoy a dependable classic, Brooklyn has tacos for everyone.

If you want a modern and unique twist on the classic taco, visit Peter’s Crunchy Tacos, or Taqueria Al Pastor. If you want something classic and nostalgic, look no further than restaurants such as Ricos Tacos or El Jarochito!

In conclusion, the best breakfast tacos in Brooklyn can be found at a variety of different places. There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, so it is up to the individual to find the taco spot that suits them best. Whether you are looking for a cheap and cheerful option or something more upscale, there is sure to be a place that fits the bill. So get out there and start tasting!

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