Best Restaurants in Queens

Queens is a bustling borough of New York City that’s known for culture, art, and diversity. All of this also means that Queens has some of the best restaurants in the city. Whether you want some traditional NYC food like pizza or burger, or want to try something a little different like greek dining or some of the best ramen in the city, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re craving.

With so many options you may not know where to start. For locals and visitors alike choosing where to eat can be a very difficult choice. That’s why we’ve made this list of the best restaurants in Queens, so you can spend less time deciding and more time eating. Read on to find out about the huge variety of restaurants for you to choose from!

Usha Foods

For vegetarians and Indian food lovers alike this is the spot for you. Known for providing high-quality South Asian food, they sell everything from casual bites, savory snacks, full course meals, and colorful deserts.  

All of their food is made fresh to order, with a lot of the ingredients coming from the local Patel Brothers supermarket, one of the best places in New York to get Indian pantry staples. 

With so much vegetarian food on offer, this is a great location to visit with friends and family because of their huge portions and combo platters, which lets you try a bit of everything if you can’t decide what to have.  

This restaurant shows that you don’t always need meat in your food to make a delicious meal. 


Providing a gastropub vibe, Carla has become one of the most popular spots in Long Island, despite it only opening in June 2021. Their huge menu means that there is something for everyone, perfect if you’re a bit indecisive or prefer to be spontaneous with your order. 

Their menu has everything from huge mouth-watering burgers, a massive selection of tacos and burritos, and a range of entrees, with favorites being the chicken fajitas, and the fish and chips. If that isn’t enough then why not grab one of their many sides that are also perfect just to have as snacks. The tater tots are a big seller. 

To go with your meal, Carla also makes homemade lemonade and home-brewed iced tea. If you’d rather something a bit more grown up though they also have a full bar stocked with craft beers and everything they need to make a huge variety of cocktails. 

With so much to choose from, Carla makes an excellent choice for any occasion. 


Do you have the guts to try goat brains? If yes then you have to visit Adda. A newcomer to the neighborhood, Adda has already made a name for itself not only because of this bizarre menu item but also because of its delicious Indian food. 

This casual restaurant creates a homey atmosphere for you to enjoy your meal in. Their most popular menu item is the goat’s brains which are surprisingly tasty and are often compared to scrambled eggs.

If you’re not feeling brave enough for this, there are several delicious Indian dishes you could try instead. Good options include the tandoori chicken, and goat biryani under blister bread. There’s also a huge variety of curries in a range of spice levels you could try. 

For spice-appreciating diners, you can’t miss out on this spot. 


A popular spot for food bloggers, Comfortland creates colorful dishes guaranteed to get you likes on Instagram. More of a dessert place, their menu is filled to the brim with gooey cakes and deliciously decorated donuts. 

If you prefer savory over sweet Comfortland has you covered as they offer a wide variety of all-day breakfast sandwiches, the most popular being the massive Freaky Friday sandwich that’s filled with a burger, eggs, cheese, bacon, and so much sauce. 

To top it all off they also have a huge variety of ice cream and milkshakes, and they keep adding more. One of the tastiest is the Peanut Butter Piff milkshake, which has peanut butter, vanilla, and chocolate. 

For delicious sweet treats, this is the best place to visit when in the city. 


For the ultimate comfort carb meal, you have to visit the cozy restaurant Rolo’s. 

A bar and grill focused on wood-fire cooking, all the food is made fresh in-house, and with a huge menu to choose from you may not even know where to start. Their most popular items are the wood-fired chicken and the “two sheet” lasagne, but they also have many other items to appeal to different tastes and dietary requirements. One of their best vegetarian items is the mafaldine with silicon tomato pesto and pistachios. 

They also have a large cocktail menu as well as a selection of wines, ciders, and kombucha,  so you’re able to pair the perfect drink to your meal.

A place for comfort food mixed with a friendly atmosphere, Rolo’s is one of the best restaurants in the Queens area. 

Kung Fu Xiao Long Bao

For authentic Chinese food, you can’t pass up on a trip to this small but popular restaurant. Though a modest size it serves delicious Shanghai-style meals that everyone will love. Favorite dishes include the dim sum, soup dumplings, and scallion pancakes.

Then of course there is the restaurant’s star meal, the Kung Fu Xiao Long Bao, which has the perfect amount of tasty soup inside. 

With so much authentic food to choose from, this is a great spot for you to visit if you’re getting a bit bored with the usual New York food. 


For more traditional foreign cuisine you have to pay a visit to Agnanti. This cozy Greek taverna is located just outside the heart of Astoria’s Greek restaurants. Instead of being surrounded by other restaurants, you’ll instead find it on a sleepy corner just a block away from the East River. 

The menu of Agnanti changes according to the seasons. In the cold New York winter, the kitchen cooks up authentic Greek comfort food like sausage sweetened with orange, shrimp wrapped in crispy shredded phyllo, and plump meatballs bobbing in tomato sauce.

Then when the weather finally gets warmer the staff brings out the outdoor tables so you can enjoy bowls of saganaki (crisped up melted cheese) paired with Greek wine. 

This cozy eatery will make you feel like you’re dining in Greece with all the traditional menu items they have on offer. If you will be visiting in summer then this is a perfect brunch spot. 


An elegant restaurant located in the picturesque waterfront section of Long Island City, this spot serves up authentic and hearty Italian dishes with a modern twist. 

Their large menu features everything from seafood to pizza, and all of it is made fresh in-house on the day. Some of their most sought-after dishes are the Primi (pasta) as it is all handmade, with the most popular one being the Garganelli Bolognese. This comes with garganelli, veal and pork Ragú, and grana padano. 

If you prefer seafood then you have to try the Polpo, which is charred grilled octopus, with smoked and grilled golden Yukon potato, Fresno chili, and puttanesca vinaigrette. 

Maiella is one of the larger restaurants on this list, able to seat up to 180 guests inside and 100 guests outside when the weather permits. The whole space has been designed by leading New York City Architecture firm Bluarch, who have created this gorgeous rustic style space. 

For a romantic dinner in summer you should try to book a table on the terrace as this faces Manhattan and Gantry State Park. From here you will have a view of the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, and the 80-foot tall Pepsi Sign. 

If you are having a celebration and want to go somewhere sophisticated but fun then Maiella is a wonderful choice. 


Another one for seafood lovers, Gula provides a wide variety of food to make your mouth water. Their food combinations may seem odd, such as the baked catfish with spicy corn gravy, but once you try it you’ll see that all the flavors work perfectly together.

Other popular seafood dishes include the charred octopus ceviche in aji amarillo citrus sauce, and a pairing of lobster tail and shrimp atop a bed of mashed potato. 

If you’re not a fan of seafood through then don’t pass up on Gula yet as they also have a large selection of seafood-free menu items. You could try instead the cajun chicken or the much loved mango barbecue baby back ribs. 

If you want to go for brunch then you can experience a whole new menu at Gula, with some items only available at this time of day like chicken and waffles, and steak and eggs. 

For casual dining, Gula is the place to be. 

Dumpling Galaxy

Unsurprisingly, this restaurant’s signature dish is dumplings. In fact, it’s so signature that there are over 100 different types of dumplings on the menu. Every one is filled with something different, with their menu split into categories showing off their pork, seafood, vegetable, beef, and lamb dumplings, just to name a few. 

Some of their most popular dishes are their signature dumplings, which include Tofu with Crab Roe Dumplings, and Duck Meat with Mushroom Dumplings. 

This small restaurant is perfect for those who like Chinese food, and obviously will be an excellent choice for people who really love dumplings. 

Taste Good

A restaurant that’s been in business since the 90’s, Taste Good is an established and much-loved Malaysian restaurant in Queens. Though the restaurant may look simple and unassuming, their food is anything but. 

Perfect for large groups, or people who can polish off big portions easily, Taste Good has a huge variety of Malaysian dishes for you to choose from. You could try the golden-brown roti, satays skewered on sticks, noodles, or bean curd and seafood just to name a few. 

Taste Good is a local hidden gem in Queens as not a lot of tourists are aware it even exists. So head on down and get a taste of authentic Malaysian food. 

Lhasa Fast Food

Located in the city’s most ethnically diverse neighborhood, Lhasa Fast Food specializes in Tibetan cuisine. The journey to this restaurant is a little odd to say the least, although fans of speakeasies may enjoy the mysterious journey. 

Lhasa Fast Food is bizarrely hidden inside You and Me mobile-phone shop, but once you get past the electrical items you will be treated to some of the best Tibetan and Himalayan food the city has to offer. While they serve many vegetarian-friendly dishes, we have to recommend their delicious momo’s especially the chive one that’s served with a side of chutney. 

The fun of finding Lhasa Fast Food adds to the overall experience of this spot and is a place we definitely recommend if you have gotten bored of traditional style restaurants.


Another Chinese food spot, Followshi specializes in jian bing, a traditional Chinese street food. This crepe-like dish is served with all different kinds of fillings from sweet to savory, with the most popular ones being spicy ramen, peking duck, and spiced beef.

If you want to experience other authentic Chinese food though then you could also order their delicious roasted cold noodles, crispy beef patties, and a huge variety of bao. 

Followsoshi food is perfect to take on the go as it’s small enough for you to walk around the city with. If you want to see all the sites New York has to offer and don’t have time for a sit-down meal then this will be a great option for you. 

Real Veggie Cafe

This location makes purely vegan and vegetarian Caribbean dishes. Many of their dishes are a mashup of southern Black American soul food and dishes from the Caribbean islands, reflecting the diversity of the neighborhood. 

Popular dishes include fried mushroom nuggets and jerk cauliflower wings, but with the huge menu, you’re sure to find something you’ll love. 

Very few Caribbean restaurants in New York offer the kind of variety in their food as Real Veggie Cafe does, so for any vegetarians out there you have to pay a visit to this special spot.