Best Ramen in Brooklyn

Ramen is one of the tastiest foreign dishes you can get in New York City. It’s a go-to staple of Japanese cuisine that can take so many different forms, you’re always bound to find something you like the look of.

However, because the city is so rich with restaurants with different cultural cuisines, deciding where to go for your ramen fix can be a difficult task!

That’s why we’ve found 9 of the best reviewed, and our favorite Japanese restaurants in Brooklyn with the best ramen on their menus.

After reading this article, you’re sure to have a better idea of where you want to eat. You might even end up wanting to try them all!


This branch of the Japanese restaurant chain specializes in ramen, so it’s the perfect place to start our list of the best ramen in Brooklyn.

Their classic Tonkotsu ramen comes with an option for noodle refills for when you’ve still got some of the tasty broth left in your bowl.

The level of customization with this menu is what makes it so versatile and caters to everyone’s needs. You can add any number of toppings to create your own personalized ramen dish. Alternatively, if you want to go for the chef’s choice of the best flavor combinations, you can choose one of the set menu items for an authentic Japanese meal.

Very similar to the authentic Japanese ramen shop is the layout of the restaurant. You can sit at a large table with a group of friends or in a solo booth if you’re dining alone. Ichiran even offers takeout or delivery to your home.

Whatever dining experience you’re looking for, the menu at Ichiran has received such great reviews online that you’re sure to enjoy a visit here.

Best features:

  • Top quality food
  • Versatile menu
  • Various dining options
  • Takeout and delivery


Another dedicated ramen restaurant, Kogane offers fresh ramen that is made in-house, every day. It has branches in both Brooklyn and in Manhattan, so this restaurant definitely has some expertise when it comes to serving ramen in New York.

The menu offers a great range of different set items for a ramen beginner to try some of the well-established flavor combinations. However, there are also plenty of options for customization as you can add and remove plenty of toppings.

They even have a great range of authentic Japanese sides, from gyozas to the Kogane chicken wings.

You shouldn’t have to worry about finding a table, either. Kogane might be small and cozy on the inside, but it also boasts a large outdoor seating area to enjoy your meal in the sunshine on a warm summer’s day.

The indoor, wooden aesthetic also gives this place the atmosphere of a traditional noodle shop in the heart of a big, Japanese city.

Best features:

  • Daily, homemade ramen
  • Versatile menu
  • Outdoor seating


The word, ‘chuko’, translates from Japanese to English as ‘vintage’, which tells you all you need to know about this restaurant’s values.

If you’re looking for an authentic Japanese meal, just like they’d serve from 6000 miles away, Chuko is one of the best you can get in the city.

The menu boasts all the traditional ramen dishes you’d expect to find in any good Japanese restaurant with a few innovative twists on the classic ingredients.

Of course, the menu offers plenty of options to customize your dish if you want to add or remove any ingredients.

Despite specializing in traditional dishes, Chuko has adapted to the modern world with its food delivery system. You can order your food online, whilst sitting in the restaurant for a convenient ordering system. They also provide a takeout and delivery service if you want to enjoy your meal at home.

The only downside to this ramen spot is its popularity. Chuko doesn’t have much space inside and there’s no outdoor seating available. However, it’s easy enough to put your name on a waitlist and they encourage you to explore some of the other local spots to pass the time.

This place really does feel like a traditional, local Japanese noodle shop!

Best features:

  • Traditional dishes
  • Versatile menu
  • Takeout and delivery

Ramen Danbo

The specialist dish at this popular Brooklyn noodle shop is fukuoka style tonkotsu ramen. It’s one of the most popular ramen dishes in the world and consists of a pork bone broth, seasoned typically with salt, soy sauce and a fermented soybean paste.

This restaurant positions its set menu items as premium ramen dishes, yet it doesn’t come with the premium prices. Sure, it probably costs more than an authentic ramen shop in Japan, but by Brooklyn standards you won’t have to break the bank to enjoy a meal here.

The level of customization at Ramen Danbo goes a few steps further than most other places on this list too. As well as choosing which toppings you want to add or remove from your dish, you can even choose noodle thickness, noodle firmness, broth thickness and broth richness. If you’re a seasoned ramen-eating pro, this is a great place to experiment with different flavors to find the combination that you like best.

This is another Japanese chain that only has a few branches in North America, so if you’re after an authentic Japanese dining experience, it’ll be tough to find one better than this.

Best features:

  • Premium food at reasonable prices
  • Ultimate levels of customization
  • Exclusive in North America

Za-Ya Ramen

The big attraction for this restaurant is their showcasing of the very rare, Gyukotsu ramen- a soy sauce flavored ramen with stock made from beef bones. What’s important to know about ramen in general is that broths made from real meat bones offer the richest and most flavorful bowls.

This dish isn’t sold very commonly outside the region of Japan it originated from, so Za-Ya Ramen has made itself a very exclusive provider of the tasty, rich dish.

The owner and chef, Iveelt Bayart, is an expert on all types of ramen. His menu reflects this well, as he offers a great range of different meat and vegetable-based ramen broths that everyone can enjoy.

Interestingly, Za-Ya Ramen also offers a pretty wide range of items outside of the ramen category. If you’re looking for a smaller bite to eat or a Japanese twist on a typical brunch menu, this palace has plenty of options to choose from.

The variety doesn’t stop there, either. For an evening meal, you can choose from a long list of authentic Japanese sake as well as plenty of well-known American beers and wines to suit everyone’s taste.

Best features:

  • Exclusive Gyukotsu seller
  • Diverse menu
  • Great drink selection

Ramen Spot NY

Ramen spot is the ideal one-stop shop for delicious Japanese comfort food.

Their menu consists of a fairly limited range of dishes, but includes all the basic dishes you’d expect to find at any New York ramen restaurant. There is some level of customization to their set menu items, but not quite as much as the other restaurants we’ve looked at.

The best thing about Ramen Spot is its convenience. If you’ve had plenty of ramen before and you know what you want to get, their website makes it easy to order online so you can enjoy your dish as soon as you arrive or even take it away to enjoy at home.

It’s a pretty simple restaurant but offers all the basic dishes you need at any ramen shop and doesn’t cost as much as some of the fancier restaurants you’ll see in the city. Overall, this place doesn’t claim to have the fanciest, high-end cuisine. However, Ramen Spot NY knows what they do and they do it well!

Best features:

  • Comfort food
  • Order online

South Slope Ramen

This simple Japanese restaurant is another one on this list that embodies the attitude of ‘doing the simple stuff, right’.

Despite its simplicity, South Slope does offer a pretty good range of ramen dishes, including a wide selection of vegetarian options too.

It definitely comes off as a more Westernized ramen spot, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. If you’re looking for some authentic Japanese cuisine, you’re probably better off looking elsewhere. However, if you just want a hearty bowl of comfortable, flavorful ramen without spending a fortune, this place has everything you need.

South Slope Ramen has also made it easier than ever to order. They have partnerships with UberEat, Grubhub and Doordash, giving you plenty of choice over how you want to order. This means they also provide takeout, delivery or dine-in options, with regular promotions running for discounts on certain platforms (including a discount just for eating inside the restaurant).

Not only do they do simple ramen really well, but South Slope also offers a range of different dishes, so everyone in your group can enjoy their dining experience.

Best features:

  • Simple, but effective menu
  • Plenty of ordering options (including takeout and delivery)

Naruto Ramen

Anime lovers might recognise the name of this restaurant. However, it’s not actually named after the popular cartoon!

Narutomaki is a type of Japanese fish cake with a pink swirl in the centre. It’s this colorful ingredient that makes the centrepiece of this restaurant’s signature dish.

The menu is super versatile, including not only plenty of different ramen dishes, but also a range of appetizers, platters and a special lunch menu. You’ll have plenty of options to swap out or add ingredients to your ramen, meaning everyone’s tastes will be catered for.

The set menu items are a little more expensive than some of the other restaurants we’ve looked at, but that price difference is certainly reflected in the quality of the food. Customers have left some great reviews, claiming this place to have the best ramen in Brooklyn and having them coming back over and over for years.

They even have options for ordering through Grubhub and ordering takeout as well as indoor seating.

Naruto is the perfect place for those trying ramen for the first time or for authentic Japanese food lovers who want to try some new flavor combinations.

Best features:

  • Versatile menu
  • High quality food
  • Plenty of delivery/takeout options

Tenichi Ramen

Tenichi has really mastered the modern day ramen service system, while still offering a good range of high quality food.

Their online menu makes it easy to order with your phone or computer and, whilst there’s no option for home delivery, their curbside pickup system makes it easy to get hold of your food quickly and easily.

The menu itself offers a very healthy range of set ramen dishes with a few good options for adding or substituting toppings.

In terms of price, this restaurant is one of the most budget friendly in Brooklyn, without compromising on quality.

Reviews for this place highlight the simplicity of its menu but indicate that people are surprised by how good the food tastes compared to what they were expecting.

This, combined with the restaurant’s great location and atmosphere make Tenichi Ramen one of the best all-rounder restaurants on this list. It has the perfect balance of authentic Japanese dishes, reasonable prices, friendly staff and chilled vibes. You really can’t go wrong here!

Best features:

  • Takeout or dine-in
  • Surprisingly high quality food
  • Reasonable prices
  • Great all-rounder

Final Thoughts

So, what we’ve learned from this list is that there are plenty of great ramen restaurants in Brooklyn, let alone the rest of New York!

There were plenty of fantastic noodle shops that we couldn’t even fit onto this list, so it’s definitely worth taking a trip around your neighborhood to find some hidden gems that the internet can’t tell you about.

Long-time Brooklyn locals all know about the best spots to get different types of cuisine, so if you’re just visiting or haven’t lived there for too long, this list should give you everything you need to find your regular local ramen place.

Have fun dining at your favorite restaurant from this list, or maybe even try them all!

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