Best Chinese Food Brooklyn

Chinese food is easily one of the most popular cuisines in pretty much every country in the world. Well, in China they probably just call it food, but in New York City it’s an exotic treat for a lot of people.

If there’s one thing New York does well, it’s international cuisine, and Chinese is one of the city’s favorites.

This means that wherever you go for your Chinese food fix in any part of the city, you’re bound to find some tasty dishes that will keep you coming back for more.

The only problem is having to choose between the hundreds of different options throughout the city!

That’s why we’ve narrowed it down to the highest rated and best reviewed Chinese restaurants, specifically in Brooklyn.

If you’re new to the area or just visiting, this list will help you find your new regular Chinese spot in the city.

Have fun finding your favorite, or maybe just try them all!

Michael & Ping’s

Since opening in 2010, the adorably named Michael & Ping’s has provided Brooklyn residents with a casual and fun Chinese dining experience that’s made it one everyone’s favorite restaurants in town.

They’re very open about how ethically they run this restaurant, promising no use of flavor steroid MSG and that all food is prepared fresh every day.

They also offer their own online ordering service with delivery and pick up options available, so you can avoid all the 3rd party fees from food apps like Doordash or Seamless.

The menu is definitely Westernized in some ways and whilst this does make the cuisine feel less authentic, it has allowed the chefs to provide healthier and enhanced versions of some of the Chinese classics.

The range of dishes on the menu covers all the bases you want it to cover and even provides a great range of vegetarian dishes that even the most fanatical meat-eater would enjoy!

Michael & Ping’s even provides an event catering service, so you can arrange to bring a huge group of friends or family along to enjoy a meal together, and the restaurant will take care of all the arrangements for you.

This really is a great all-round restaurant and is our favorite on this list!


  • Ethically run restaurant – No hidden fees from 3rd party delivery apps or added chemicals to enhance the flavor of dishes
  • Westernized menu – We’ve listed this as a pro, rather than a con because it’s allowed the chefs to make each dish healthier and more appealing to the American palate
  • Reasonable prices – By Brooklyn standards, this restaurant doesn’t seem to have a single overpriced item on the menu
  • Takeout options – Their website provides options for delivery to your home as well as pick up, so you’ll have plenty of ways to enjoy their food without having to dine in
  • Great all-rounder – This place really does tick all the boxes for what you want in a Chinese restaurant


  • None – It really is that good!

Kings Co Imperial

Enjoying any meal at Kings Co Imperial in Skillman Ave will make you feel like you’re a part of the family.

The simplistic, rustic Chinese style decor in the restaurant sets you in the perfect frame of mind to enjoy some of their traditional cuisine. Having such a modest setup ensures you can enjoy spending time with friends and family without everyone being distracted by what’s going on around.

The restaurant is pretty small, so larger groups on busier nights might be more difficult for them to accommodate. However, it’s made up for by how quaint and cosy the atmosphere is inside. There’s even a small outdoor seating area to enjoy your meal in the sunshine!

The menu itself features a healthy range of Chinese food classics, as well as the restaurant’s own famous imperial spring rolls, which come with shrimp, squid, scallops and cilantro.

There’s a great selection of different noodle and fried rice dishes, with enough variety to cater to everyone’s needs. Kings Co also offers some fantastic dim-sum for a selection of smaller dishes to make up a delicious meal.

One of the coolest features of this place is their dumpling cooking classes. You can sign up for private lessons, online or in-person, with the head chef to learn how to make world-class dumplings at home to impress your dinner guests.

This all contributes to the feeling of a friendly atmosphere throughout the restaurant. The staff remember their regulars and treat every guest as if they were family, making it the perfect place to come back to again and again.


  • Classic menu – The menu provides a great range of traditional Chinese dishes, including their own famous imperial spring rolls
  • Dumpling classes – Enjoy learning how to make incredible dumplings with the restaurant’s head chef
  • Friendly atmosphere – You’ll be treated like family as soon as you walk through the door
  • Delivery options – The restaurant has options for delivery through their website or third party food apps, as well as pick-ups.


  • Intimate seating arrangements – There aren’t many large table in the restaurant, to allow more parties of people to dine in and enjoy the meal, so larger groups might find it difficult to book a table

Faith’s Food

Faith’s Chinese Food is a cornerstone of the Brooklyn community and offers a slightly more Westernized version of the Authentic Chinese dining experience.

You’d be forgiven for walking past this place on the street and not thinking twice about it, but behind the modest exterior is some of the most delicious comfort Chinese food in the city.

The menu has all the Chinese classics you know and love, featuring everything from chow mein to chop suey and everything in between.

Reviews online from Brooklyn residents highlight how comforting the dishes are after a long day and how easy it is to pick up a meal, knowing exactly what you’re going to get and how tasty it will be.

The restaurant is very cozy and doesn’t have a lot of space for table service. That’s why they’ve made it easy to order on their website for takeout or delivery. Each item on the online menu has a descriptive summary of what’s in each dish, so there are no surprises when the food arrives at your door.

As a humble, regular Chinese food spot, Faith’s has everything you need and doesn’t take itself too seriously.


  • Simple menu – There are no surprises on the menu and everything is easy to read and understand
  • Easy to use ordering system – For pick up or delivery there are plenty of options available on their website to select your dishes and make requests
  • Great reviews – Brooklyn residents know just how good this place is and it has overwhelmingly positive reviews on Google


  • Limited seating area – It’s difficult to get table service, especially during busy times, so pick up and delivery are the best ways to go

Hunan Delight

Hunan Delight is another of Brooklyn’s simple Chinese restaurants with a focus on providing a pleasant indoor dining experience for all its patrons.

The decor in the restaurant is a little more sophisticated than most traditional Chinese spots in the city. They really want to place themselves a step above the competition when it comes to dining in.

It’s definitely not overbearing though, the furniture all fits a dark aesthetic pattern and the authentic Chinese artwork on the walls tie together nicely to make the whole restaurant a great place to sit and look around.

The menu starts with a decent range of cheap and cheerful appetizers, with everything you’ve had in a Chinese restaurant before.

There are dozens of options for each meat category and you can choose dishes based around chicken, beef, duck, pork and seafood.

Despite this, there are also plenty of vegetarian and vegan options on the menu, including a vegetable and bean curd curry. Hunan Delight even claims their curries are the best in town!

Their lunch specials menu is reasonably priced and contains enough different options to ensure everybody is catered for. However, some of the specials on the regular menu are pretty pricey, even by New York standards.

Still, there’s definitely enough diversity in price and size of meals on the menu to cover all the bases you need for a happy dining experience.


  • Sophisticated decor – Makes the restaurant feel like a premium dining experience without losing the rustic Chinese style
  • Good all-round menu – A good range of options in all categories and at all price points
  • Best curry in town – It’s a bold claim from the restaurant that you’ll have to try yourself to find out about!
  • Takeout options – Even if you don’t feel like dining in, all you have to do is call up and place an order to pick up later


  • Expensive specials – Some of the specials on the menu are a little more expensive than some other Chinese restaurants in the area, but they do have a high quality to match the premium pricing
  • No delivery options – The only options for eating with Hunan Delight are pick up or dine in.

Xifu Food

Xifu’s is another small, family style Chinese restaurant that has become a favorite spot for many Brooklyn residents.

It does stand out on the sidewalk with it’s sleek black store front and traditional Chinese decorations that entice you to step inside.

Unfortunately, once you do step inside, you’ll realise that there isn’t a whole lot of space for indoor seating. This place prioritizes a pick up service, so that it can focus on providing high quality cuisine for its customers.

Thankfully, Xifu’s uses the same online ordering system as Faith’s Chinese Food, who we looked at earlier.

Whilst there’s no option for home delivery, they make things very easy to order online and the descriptive menu avoids any unwanted surprises waiting for you when you arrive to pick up your order.

The menu has all of the traditional Chinese dishes you’d expect to find anywhere in the city, but also boasts some less common treats, like rougamo.

Rougamo is a Chinese street food sandwich that’s popular all over the country itself. There aren’t many places in the US that sell this dish, so Xifu’s offers a unique opportunity to try a dish you may not have experienced before.

Overall, the menu isn’t as detailed and long as some of the other restaurants we’ve looked at on this list, but it does provide the basics and the customer reviews speak very highly of the quality of food here.


  • Modern aesthetic store front – Even walking past past this place is impossible to do without taking a glance at the decorations or what’s inside
  • High quality food – Customer reviews highlight how delicious all their dishes are, without charging extortionate prices
  • Interesting menu – There aren’t many Chinese restaurants in the US that sell dishes like rougamo, and even fewer that have burritos on the menu!


  • No delivery options – Picking up orders or dining in the very restricted indoor seating are the only options at Xifu’s
  • Limited menu options – Despite having some interesting items on the menu, there isn’t a great range of dishes to choose from

China New Star

This restaurant is one of the most reviewed and most popular on this list and, given the size of it, you can see why for yourself if you visit.

China New Star offers a family friendly sit-down dining experience that can accommodate parties of pretty much any size. The interior boasts an impressively large number of tables but doesn’t feel cramped and offers plenty of space to get up and move around.

The decor follows a classic Westernized Chinese theme and, while we’re not saying it’s necessarily authentic, it certainly gives the whole restaurant an exciting, sophisticated feel.

Once you’ve sat down and taken in the surroundings, you’re met with a pretty big menu that has enough variety of options to make sure everybody has something to enjoy.

They have all the appetizers, soups, noodles and rice dishes you  want to see from any Chinese food menu in New York. However, their specials are what set them apart from most of the competition.

The chef’s specials menu offers dozens of main dishes to choose from and they all come accompanied with your choice of soup and dessert.

A lot of customers have left reviews saying it’s the best Chinese food they’ve ever eaten and a lot of Brooklyn residents claim this as their favorite place to go out and enjoy a meal with family and friends.

The only downside to this place is that it costs a little bit more than the average Chinese place in Brooklyn. Still, they do offer some very high quality food to match that premium pricing.


  • Great decor – Sophisticated decorations without being overbearing
  • Spacious interior – They’ve managed to fit a good number of tables into their large, open floor space to accommodate lots of large groups if necessary
  • High quality food – The reviews speak for themselves when it comes to the quality of ingredients this restaurant uses for its dishes.
  • Versatile menu – With so many different options for each category, you’re bound to find something that catches your eye


  • Premium pricing – It’s definitely a little more expensive than the average Chinese joint in Brooklyn, but probably one of the best