Best Cakes In New York City

There is always a good reason to eat cake. Are you having a good day? Celebrate with a cupcake. Maybe you’re having a difficult day- cheer yourself up with a slice of cake. Perhaps you hit a target at work or got a promotion? Treat yourself to some cake! Birthdays, anniversaries, Weddings – cake is always a good idea. 

New York is an excellent place to be if you are in the mood for cake, with a bakery on almost every corner. Whether you are looking for a rich chocolate cake, an indulgent red velvet cake, a classic carrot cake, or an elaborate cream cake, you will find what you are looking for in one of the many bakeries in New York. 

But with so much choice, how do you know the best place to get cake in New York? And which cake should you choose? Don’t panic- we have put together a list of the best bakeries in New York and our recommendations for their best cakes. Keep reading to find out more.  

Lady M Confection 

Lady M Confection has multiple bakeries and stores across New York, including several in Manhattan and one in the Rockefeller Center. Whichever location you visit, you will receive excellent service. The staff will stop at nothing to help you find your perfect dessert.

The decor is crisp and white, with the cakes displayed in glass cases like a high-end jewellery store. There is plenty to choose from, with cakes, tarts and delicious gateaux. They are well known for their specialty crepe cake which consists of 20 super thin handmade crepes, layered with pastry cream and glazed with caramelized sugar.

The result is a cross between traditional french crepes and creme brulee, an irresistible and light dessert that will keep you coming back to Lady M time and time again.

Magnolia Bakery 

Magnolia is a chain of Bakeries that was founded in New York, with the first store opening Bleecker Street 1996. It’s popularity soared when the bakery chain was featured on the famous television show ‘Sex and the City’.

Since then, the bakery has also featured on ‘Saturday Night Live’, ‘The Devil Wears Prada’, ‘Prime’, ‘Spin City’, and ‘Veronica Mars’. Magnolia bakery offers a selection of amazing cupcakes, cakes and their iconic banana pudding which is smooth, creamy and not too sweet.

We also recommend their German Chocolate Cake which is made up of delicious, fluffy chocolate cake layered with coconut and pecan frosting. 

Momofuku Milk Bar

This bakery on the Upper West Side is part of the Momofuku family of restaurants and bars. It is run by Christina Tosi, who is a globally recognized pastry chef. This place has been a packed out bestselling bakery for many years and it’s not hard to see why.

They make custom wedding cakes as well as a wide range of baked goods that they ship internationally. On your visit to the bakery, you can choose from many different whimsical, homely sweet treats.

We recommend the traditional birthday cake, a vanilla cake layered with cream cheese frosting and finished off with rainbow sprinkles. 

Billy’s Bakery

Billy’s Bakery is located in Chelsea, just over half a mile away from Madison Square Garden. They offer a range of tasty cakes, cupcakes and chilled desserts with the option to eat in or takeout.

We recommend the Icebox cake, crispy chocolate wafers layered with fresh whipped cream. It is the perfect treat for a warm day and it’s nice and light. But whatever the weather, Billy’s Bakery is definitely worth a visit. 

Two Little Red Hens

This Upper East Side Bakery is just under a mile away from Central Park. They have a fantastic range of cakes, cupcakes, cheesecakes, pies and tarts. They do a fantastic Brooklyn Blackout cake for those customers that are big into chocolate.

If you are looking for something a little lighter but equally tasty, then the Red Velvet Cake is a winner. Traditional Red velvet sponge cakes are layered with cream cheese frosting. The flavours balance out perfectly in this classic cake.  

Eilieen’s Special Cheesecake 

This isn’t technically a bakery, but a cheesecake is a type of cake and it didn’t seem right to leave this incredible place off the list! This cheesecake shop not far from Chinatown is considered to serve up the best cheesecake in New York. Eileen’s has been In operation since 1975, and people just keep coming back for more.

The salted caramel cheesecake and the s’mores cheesecake are real crowd pleasers. There are also plenty of fruity or chocolatey options depending on what you fancy. The cheesecakes are available as small individuals, or larger sizes ideal for sharing.

If you don’t know what to choose, then you can’t go wrong with the signature plain cheesecake.The rich cream cheese filling is surrounded by a graham cracker crust which is buttery and crumbly.

Flour Shop

Flour Shop is a colorful bakery in Soho. Their eye-catching bakes are totally instagram worthy, which has helped to put this place on the map. The founder, Amirah Kassem, likes to experiment with the color and structure of her cakes, so many of them are quite untraditional.

We definitely recommend the Mini sprinkle explosion cakes which consist of  Rainbow sponges layered with frosting, with a centre of sweets that spill out of the cake when it is cut. If you want to impress your friends, then get them a birthday cake from the flour shop and be sure to take plenty of photos! 


Morgenstern’s is an ice cream shop in Downtown Manhattan. Whilst it is not a bakery, it is worth a mention on this list for their delicious Ice cream cakes.

We especially like the green tea and pistachio ice cream cake. Layers of green tea ice cream and pistachio ice cream layered are topped with green tea meringue. An extravagant but tasty treat that is perfect for a party centerpiece. 

Ladybird Bakery

The Ladybird bakery in Brooklyn specializes in traditional cakes that are cooked to perfection. You won’t find any whacky flavour combinations here, just everyone’s favourite classic cakes and cupcakes. The sponges are fluffy and light, the frosting creamy and delicious.

The bakery also offers a selection of tasty pies and tarts with perfect, flaky pastry. If you are a fan of rich, chocolate desserts then you will love their Brooklyn Blackout cake. Three layers of dark chocolate cake are sandwiched with chocolate pudding and frosted with fudge – a really indulgent treat. 

Amy’s Bread

Amy’s Bread is a bakery in Midtown West, close to Times Square.There is an excellent selection of cakes, cupcakes, pastries, and scones. The pumpkin mini bundt cakes are delicious, but we also recommend trying the Carrot Cake.

It is loaded with carrots and walnuts and decorated with cream cheese frosting, a well executed classic cake. This is a great all rounder- you are lucky if you live close enough to call this your local bakery! 


Baked is a cosy bakery and cafe in Red Hook, Downtown Manhattan. They offer a range of homestyle American sweet treats with lovely, hot coffee. You can choose from traditional favourites like apple pie, brownies, red velvet cake and a range of cupcakes.

This is a perfect place to bring the family, as it is friendly and welcoming with something for everyone. If you like mint chocolate then the Grasshopper cake is definitely worth trying, with chocolate cake layered with mint ganache and frosted with mint buttercream. 

Dominique Ansel Bakery 

Dominique Ansel Bakery is an American French Patisserie in Soho. There are so many things to choose from- cronuts, caramelized croissants, madeleines, macarons, cookies, and cream cakes. You can also try one of their fun and original inventions like milk shot glasses made from chocolate chip cookies or frozen s’mores on a stick.

If you want to be wowed by a unique bakery then you should definitely visit this place! It is also a great place to pick up some fun sweet treats for a party if you want to impress your friends with whacky designs and tasty flavours. 


Burrow is a simple, quietly confident bakery. The cakes speak for themselves – delicious and perfectly baked.

Their specialities include banana tart, pistachio cake, green tea opera style cake, and their unique sweetcorn cake. 

Mah-Ze-Dahr Bakery

Mah-Ze-Dahr Bakery in West Village is the the permanent location of the previously online delivery business that was being run out of the chef’s own kitchen in Harlem. The space is elegant and welcoming, with deliciously satisfying coffee to drink alongside your sweet treat.

Choose from treats like brioche morning buns, brioche doughnuts, cookie-cocoa coated cheesecakes, fresh tarts, carrot cake and indulgent dark chocolate brownies.

Our top recommendation is the Devil In Ganache cake. This chocolate cake is layered with whipped cream and coated in chocolate ganache. This is the perfect spot for an afternoon coffee and cake date with a friend. 

Supermoon Bakehouse

This bakery on the Lower East side was founded by two Australians from Melbourne. They sell a delightful range of filled cruffins, cronuts, croissants and doughnuts. The designs are eye-catching and the flavours are amazing. If you are feeling brave then try the stuffed squid ink brioche.

One of their bestsellers is the cruffin topped with torched meringue and filled with coconut lime curd. We recommend the pistachio rose croissant for the beautiful colors and perfectly blended flavours.

The shop itself is also a treat for the eyes, with modern and fun decor. If you get your cake to takeout, it will come in an iridescent box which just adds to the experience. This is definitely a fun place to bring your friends. 

Pilar Cuban Bakery

The Pilar Cuban Bakery/eatery in Brooklyn offers up a range of sweet and savoury treats inspired by cuban flavours and ingredients. The decor is 80’s style Miami, complete with neon signs.

Our favourite cakes include the dulce de leche brownie, guava crumb cake, and mojito cupcake. You could also choose from their selection of bundt cakes, pies and pastries. There will be something for everyone, so this is a great place to bring the family. 

Patisserie Tomoko

Patisserie Tomoko is a bakery in Williamsburg with a cosy and intimate atmosphere. Pastry chef, Tomoko Kato, brings Japanese and French confectionery together in this unique bakery. You can get your cake to go, or sit down to eat on the indoor or outdoor seating. The elegant cakes and sweet treats are served with a choice of coffee, tea, or a selection of different wines.

Whether you fancy a slice of cheesecake, a miniature tart, or a delicate chocolate souffle, you are sure to find something you love on this menu. This is an ideal bakery for an evening date when you want something that will impress your special someone. 

Bourke Street Bakery

Bourke Street Bakery was founded in Sydney, but opened a store in New York in 2004. Since then it has been popular with locals and tourists alike.

Along with some delicious savoury options, you can choose from delightful classics like lemon curd tarts and carrot cake, or go for something a bit different like a ginger creme brulee, or a Peanut butter and jelly roll. This beloved bakery is bound to blow you away. 

New Flushing Bakery

New Flushing bakery is a small Asian bakery that happens to do some of the best Portuguese style egg tarts in New York.

They are not overly sweet, and filled with delicious vanilla custard with notes of almond. We also recommend the lemon tart, or the coconut cream bun. 


As you can see, there are so many amazing bakeries to choose from, all offering an excellent range of cakes and sweet treats.

Whether you are looking for a traditional cake, a fusion of different cultures, an experimental masterpiece, or an elegant patisserie, there is something on this list for everyone. So instead of going out for dinner, why not just skip straight to dessert and try out some of the great places on this list!