Best Brunch Brooklyn

New York City is a melting pot of international cuisine. You don’t even have to walk a whole block without passing by restaurants and cafes from Europe, Asia and South America.

All this choice can have a downside though, it’s impossible to decide where to eat!

There are hundreds of great restaurants in Brooklyn alone that are fighting for you to visit them. Without the proper research, you could end up with a disappointing brunch with your buds.

That’s why we’ve scoured the internet to find what everyone believes to be the best brunch spots in Brooklyn.

Sunday In Brooklyn

We’re kicking things off with a local hotspot for classy and delicious meals. This small, but charming restaurant has been heralded by the New York Post, Time Out New York and Eater as having some of the best dishes in the city.

When you take a look at their brunch menu, it’s easy to see why. Sunday In Brooklyn offers the best versions of some American classics.

Their Sunday pancakes come with a hazelnut maple praline and brown butter, and you can even choose to double, or even triple stack your pancakes!

Biscuits & gravy, steak & eggs and cheddar scrambled eggs are just some of their other popular American dishes that will taste familiar, but delicious.

However, Sunday In Brooklyn also offers their take on some international dishes, for those looking to try something new or relive a memory from travels abroad.

Taking inspiration from South American cuisine, the chia pudding is served with seasonal berries, dark chocolate and olive oil. If you’ve ever tried this dish before, you’re sure to love this restaurant’s dynamic use of flavor here.

Shakshuka is another of their popular international dishes and it’s not one you’ll see on a lot of menus in the city. This traditional North African dish is effectively cooked as one big pot, bursting with flavour. A mixture of peppers and tomatoes are used to poach eggs in the sauce and the whole affair is served with their house focaccia. It’s making me hungry just thinking about it!

As well as having a fantastic brunch menu, Sunday In Brooklyn provides some dreamy vibes to sit and enjoy by yourself, or as a gorgeous backdrop to a conversation with friends.

The deep, dark wooden bar and the firewood that adorns shelving on the walls gives one section of the restaurant a sophisticated, rustic feel to it. Meanwhile, the next floor up is made vibrant and colorful with its abundance of natural light, funky artwork and indoor plants.

Even if you’re just walking past this place, you won’t be able to resist taking some pictures!

That’s another great thing about this venue, the versatility. On a hot day, you can enjoy the natural sunlight in the second floor garden or out the front of the restaurant. But during winter, their massive wood-fired oven keeps the place warm and cozy inside, to make it feel like home.

Overall, we think this place is easily one of the best spots for brunch in New York, let alone just Brooklyn.

In fact, Sunday In Brooklyn is so popular, the only problem you might have is reserving a table for Sunday brunch!


  • Versatile menu – Enjoy some American classics or take a trip to another nation’s cuisine
  • Great decor – You might have to stop yourself gazing around the room, mid-conversation!
  • Reasonable prices – By New York standards, this menu is pretty well priced for the quality of the food


  • Very popular – The only real downside is that it might be difficult for you to get a table at busy times


Located on Bedford Ave, Rabbithole is the perfect place to go for a catch up with old friends or recover on a Sunday morning after a heavy Saturday night!

The menu this restaurant offers covers all the basics you’d expect to find on a good brunch menu and more.

Order anything you like, from egg sandwiches to salads, with plenty in between. What I like most about this menu is the unique twists they put on brunch menu classics.

For example, eggs benedict is one of everybody’s favourite brunch dishes, but I bet there aren’t many New Yorkers who can say they’ve tried eggs Norwegian. This Scandinavian inspired dish uses lox (a type of brined salmon) instead of bacon to offer that gorgeous fishy flavor.

I get that some people aren’t the biggest fish fan, so this is the sort of dish you’ll either love or hate. Thankfully, the Rabbithole menu is versatile enough to cater for everyone’s desires.

A lot of the reviews online for this restaurant highlight the quirky decorations inside and the charming little garden out back.

Behind the bar, the brickwork and rustic wooden shelves provide a simple, but beautiful backdrop for the dozens of colorful bottles on display. I don’t know what it is, but there’s always something charming about the specials of the day being written on a chalkboard, but Rabbithole also adds this endearing little feature to its decor.

On a warm, summer’s day, you can even take your meal outside, in their quaint garden area. What was probably once a small space of property used to park cars or store garbage has been transformed into an al fresco dining area.

The walls and fences around the garden create a much needed barrier between the tables and the neighboring alley, but they still allow plenty of natural sunlight in.

Rabbithole isn’t just a brunch spot though. They offer a happy hour most days of the week in which you can try some of their signature cocktails.

There really is something for everyone at this happy little spot!


  • Versatile menu – You’ll definitely be able to find something you like on this extensive list of meals
  • Garden area – Take your meal outside in the warm sunlight, without a bunch of cars driving past every five seconds
  • Happy hour – If you don’t want to leave after you’ve finished your brunch meal, you won’t have to stick around long for some happy hour drinks


  • Average quality – With such a vast menu, some reviews have mentioned that the quality of food is about what you’d expect but nothing special. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing but it is one of the costs of trying to cater for everyone

Verde on Smith

Verde’s is located (as you probably guessed from the name) on Smith Street, and hosts some of the best Italian brunch in the area.

With 5 different types of omelette and a whole host of brunch classics to choose from, Verde’s menu is designed to cater for all your dining needs.

What sticks out to me about this menu is, despite its traditionality, there are plenty of animal friendly options available in each category. It’s not just a vegetarian version of an existing dish either, it seems like the chefs really wanted to make vegetarian and vegan food an important part of the menu without it being forced. They even promise the use of cage-free chicken meat in the wings appetizer!

As you might expect from a top quality Italian restaurant like this one, the range of authentic Italian cuisine on off is immaculate.

There are very few restaurants in the whole city that will offer penne alla vodka or an Italian sausage omelette in their brunch menu.

However, one of the biggest attractions for Verde on Smith is their bottomless brunch event which you can sign up for any day of the week! For a fixed price, you can drink unlimited mimosas, bellinis, bloody Marys and screwdrivers for a whole hour.

Anyone who says morning drinking is a bad idea clearly hasn’t tried the bottomless brunch here!


  • High quality food – With such an extensive menu, it’s amazing how many reviews mention the quality of each dish being superb
  • Authentic Italian – Italian cuisine is some of the best in the world and Verde’s really knows how to do it right
  • Bottomless brunch – Make brunch even more fun with unlimited drinks for an hour


  • None – This place really is the perfect all-rounder!

Vinegar Hill House

Stepping into Vinegar Hill House on Hudson Ave feels almost like stepping into a time machine back to the 19th century.

Everything from the cobblestone street outside to the rustic wooden furniture make this place feel like a traditional New York eatery. Even the outdoor garden seating area, with vines and tree branches hanging overhead, makes you feel like you’re eating at your best friend’s house- not a high class New York establishment.

I really can’t get over how gorgeous this place looks. Even if you feel like brunching alone, there’s plenty for you to look at to make you feel invited and cozy.

Despite the rustic and old-fashioned vibe this place gives off, the menu takes you on an unexpected twist with its modern options. As well as the typical omelettes and pancakes you find on most brunch menus, options also include a seasonal quiche with white anchovies and an egg & époisses sandwich.

To some, the menu might come off as a little pretentious, but trust me when I say the quality of each dish will easily encourage you to step outside your comfort zone and try something new.

The only issue I have with the menu is how small it is. The brunch menu, in particular, doesn’t have a long list of dishes to choose from and only a handful of sides. Of course, this is something they might change in the future.

However, if you’re a particularly selective diner, you might find it difficult to find the perfect dish for you. Still, it’s nothing that can’t be solved by reading the menu online first!


  • Incredible decor – One of the most gorgeous little restaurants in the whole of New York
  • Exciting menu – Plenty of options available that you’ve probably never tried before
  • Reasonable prices – The menu might sound a little pretentious, but the prices certainly aren’t by New York standards.


  • Limited brunch menu – You won’t have much to choose from if you select exclusively from the brunch section of their menu

Buttermilk Channel

What you see with Buttermilk Channel is what you get: a simple, yet sophisticated restaurant with a great brunch menu.

Whilst they only offer the brunch menu on Saturdays and Sundays, the quality of food and drinks available will have you wishing it was every day of the week!

The brunch menu consists mostly of typical American brunch dishes, so you can expect a lot of familiar and comforting flavors.

One particular standout dish is the A-B-C mac and cheese; standing for apples, bacon and cheddar. It also comes with a delicious aioli and, whilst this may seem like an unusual combination of flavors, it’s definitely worth trying to push the boat out and make your brunch more exciting.

In terms of decor, Buttermilk Channel keeps things simple and effective. You won’t find any walls clustered with various brightly colored artwork and the furniture is simple, modern and comfortable.

This place really is all about the food and drinks it serves, without worrying about trying to be too fancy or pretentious. Most of the reviews left for this restaurant draw attention to how high quality each dish is and how there was something on the menu that everyone could enjoy.

When you come here for the first time, it’ll feel like your regular diner (even if you’re from a few states over)!


  • High quality food – The chefs at this place know what they’re doing and they do it well
  • Simple menu – Everyone should be able to find something they like on this brunch menu
  • Simple, sophisticated decor – This might be a con for some people, but there’s nothing about the decor that’ll make you wish you hadn’t come, that’s for sure!


  • Simple menu – I’ve listed this as a pro and a con because part of the fun of going out for brunch is trying new and exotic foods. Buttermilk Channel simply doesn’t deliver that

Final Thoughts

Those were some of our picks for the best and most well-reviewed brunch restaurants in Brooklyn.

Whether you’re planning a get together with friends and family, or just looking for a new spot to try on your own, now you know all about the best places to check out.

Bon appétit!

In conclusion, if you are looking for a great brunch spot in Brooklyn, then any of these places will surely not disappoint. Their most popular dishes include white fish toast, egg sandwiches, French toast, poached or baked egg, and more. So get out there and enjoy all that Brooklyn has to offer when it comes to brunch!

Also, if you’re looking for the best bagels in Brooklyn? Brooklynites are always on the hunt for their favorite bagels, and there are many places to find them. Whether you’re looking for a traditional bagel shop or a bakery with a variety of flavors, Brooklyn has got you covered.